Meet the Maker: Join Us for a Virtual Wine Tasting

Our “Meet the Maker” virtual wine tastings are a great activity to do with friends, family, and colleagues, so you can stay connected while social distancing.

Complimentary with the purchase of one of our virtual tasting trios, our tastings are with Kathleen Inman – owner and winemaker. You can join us for one of our pre-set times or groups that purchase four or more trios may reach out to schedule a private tasting time.

How our virtual wine tastings work:

Once you have purchased your trio(s) – or if you have been given your trio as a gift – contact us to set up a virtual tasting date: or (707) 293-9576.

Virtual Tasting Trios

Select a trio below. The virtual tasting fee is included in the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to do a tasting?

The virtual tasting is complimentary with the purchase of one of our trios which range in price.

Do I need to open all the wines for the tasting?

You are welcome to open one or all of their wines – there’s no wrong way to virtual wine taste! Owner and Winemaker, Kathleen Inman will lead the group through all of the wines and participants can either enjoy all of the wines alongside you or save some of the bottles to enjoy at a later date, armed with new information about the wines and the region. The good news is if you do open all, they will still be tasty 3-5 days if sealed and put in the refrigerator.

How do I sign up for a tasting? 

Once you have purchased your trio – or if you have been given the trio as a gift – contact us to set up a tasting.

Do you do big group events?

Yes, we do private events and regularly conduct large group tasting for companies. Click here to learn about our corporate tasting events.