Practicing sensitive farming and natural winemaking in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley

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We are a very small, family-owned winery in Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley and our tasting experiences are intimate and tailored to our guests.

Tastings are held on Thursday-Saturday from 11am-4pm at the winery located at 3900 Piner Road in Santa Rosa.

Make a reservation below or call us at (707) 293-9576. We look forward to seeing you!


Olivet Grange Vineyard

Modern farming techniques often emphasize production at the expense of soil health and eco-system integrity. While this may be an acceptable part of the business for some, we work tirelessly to solve every farming need at the Olivet Grange with a solution that not only produces excellent quality wine grapes, but also enriches the environment around us.

We believe that every measure that we take to maintain the natural health of our vineyard directly contributes to the unique flavors of our Estate wines.


Virtual Wine Tastings

Join us for Happy Hour with Kathleen Inman, owner and winemaker. These virtual tastings are a great socially distant activity to do with friends, families, and colleagues.

Our Corporate Virtual Tastings have been extremely popular for staying in touch with clients, colleagues, and networks and have been featured in the Washington Post.


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