Meet Our Endless Crush Rosé


…A wine that over its 18 vintages is consistently among the best rosés made in the United States.

Dave McIntyre
The Washington Post

About Endless Crush


In the early hours of September 1, 2004, owner and winemaker Kathleen Inman set off to harvest Pinot Noir grapes at the Olivet Grange estate vineyard. It was her 20th wedding anniversary. To celebrate she decided to make a special rosé, and name it ‘Endless Crush.’


Some rosés are made as a byproduct of red wine by bleeding off (saigner) some of the juice early in the production process to create a higher ratio of skin to juice, which will concentrate the resultant red wine. Endless Crush® is not made in this manner.


Kathleen’s intention from the start was to create a rosé separate from our Pinot Noir. Rosés made intentionally, rather than simply by drawing off the free-run juice, tend to have greater complexity and structure because the entire cluster is destemmed and then the grapes are pressed within a few hours of destemming.


For nearly 20 years, the resulting wine, Endless Crush, has received countless accolades from critics and customers alike.

20 Years of Endless Accolades


Washington Post
In a feature on American rosés, food and wine writer Dave McIntyre calls our Endless Crush Rosé “a wine that over its 18 vintages is consistently among the best rosés made in the United States.”

Press Democrat
202o Endless Crush Rosé has been named one of the “100 most amazing wines in Sonoma County.” “It’s dry (as in not sweet), yet flavorful and with a vibrant finish.”

Chicago Tribune
“2016 Inman Family Endless Crush Rosé of Pinot Noir: With floral and herbal notes, plus strawberry, watermelon and anise, this Russian River Valley beauty was as mouth-watering as it was refreshing.”


The first time I had an elegant dry rosé wine was on a simple but romantic picnic with my husband Simon in Provence 35 years ago. Local cheese, bread, fruit, the fabulous, dramatic scenery and that Provençal wine with its delicate salmon pink color, crisp acidity and floral aromas forever linked in my mind rosé wines with romance.

-Kathleen Inman, Winemaker and Owner


About the Vineyard

Modern farming techniques often emphasize production at the expense of soil health and eco-system integrity. While this may be an acceptable part of the business for some, we work tirelessly to solve every farming need at the our Russian River Valley estate vineyard – Olivet Grange – with a solution that not only produces excellent quality wine grapes, but also enriches the environment around us.
That is why we are committed to regenerative farming practices. This includes using organically-certified inputs, planting cover crops, no tilling of the soil, and creating a welcoming habitat for insects, birds and a variety of other wildlife.

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