Corporate Virtual Wine Tastings: Frequently Asked Questions

How is the event arranged?

After setting a date, your company will provide your wine tasting participants’ shipping information to us and we will process your order, pack and ship the wines, and can include custom printed materials in the box if requested. We will provide you with the tracking information so that you can ensure all of your participants have received the wine.

Typically we use our Zoom account to host the event. You provide a list of contact information for your participants and we will send the calendar invites containing the Zoom video conference link and instructions, as well as a reminder email the day of the tasting. Alternatively, your team is welcome to set up your own online event and coordinate links and instructions for your participants.

How much do corporate virtual wine tasting events cost?

We have created virtual tasting packages — “Virtual Tasting Trios” — which can be found in the Wine Shop. You will be charged the cost of the wine, in addition to applicable taxes and the cost of shipping. Custom tasting sets can also be arranged.

Companies typically select the trio they wish to share (they are listed in our wine shop) for the tastings, which range from $154 to $219. To estimate the cost of your event, multiply the cost of the tasting selection by the number of households you will be sending wine to.

In addition, you can contact us to customize a unique tasting set for your participants.

What is the minimum or maximum number of participants and wine to book a corporate tasting event?

To book a tasting you need a minimum of 5 participants (or households). We usually recommend a maximum of 30 participants for a tasting to make it a more personal and interactive experience. If you have more than 30 we recommend breaking your event into two sessions, unless you prefer a webinar style tasting, which is also an option for larger groups.

For larger events, the style of the event changes. Please contact Kathleen Inman directly to discuss larger events for conferences and meetings of more than 50 people.

How far in advance do we need to book this event?

It is best to have the list of participant mailing addresses to us at least 7 business days before the event date, but we can work on shorter notice if required and have very good Next Day Air rates (a $25 surcharge).

Do participants need to open all the wines for the tasting?

Participants are welcome to open one or all of their wines – there’s no wrong way to virtual wine taste! Kathleen will lead the group through all of the wines and participants can either enjoy all of the wines alongside you or save some of the bottles to enjoy at a later date, armed with new information about the wines and the region. The good news is if you do open all, they will still be tasty 3-5 days if sealed and put in the refrigerator.

How do we contact you with more questions or to book a tasting?

For more information or to schedule a tasting, call (707) 293-9576 or email us at