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Wine Down and Chill Goes Sideways

By Loralyn Mears
Grit Daily --August 21, 2020

"The world is itching for a reprieve and those of us at wine down and chill are still trying to help you through it by doing our part. Most of you are drinking more wine lately (in-home sales are apparently up 27% from this time last year). And we heard that you’re super interested in learning about different wines so that you can get down to drinking them – got it! So here is Part 2 of our Women and Wine Series.

Kathleen is dedicated to “sensitive farming” some of the finest handcrafted wines in Sonoma County. She’s renowned for her “eco-ethics” and established her winery in 2000. Natural winemaking, environmentally responsible business practices and yes – Pinot Noir – are some of the other things that Kathleen is celebrated for. Her winery is solar powered, energy efficient, water conscious and the building itself is fabricated from reused, recycled and upcycled materials. These features were critical to the distinction of being certified sustainable..."

Grit Daily: Neighboring winemakers have questioned why you harvest your grapes earlier than most, why is that?

Kathleen Inman: They call me a “grape groper” because I go around the vineyards pinching grapes. I am not focused on sugar levels and picking my grapes when the Brix table measures the sugar to be at a certain level. I pick on taste, so I pick my grapes when they taste ready, which is when the acid is higher. Because I make wines as naturally as possible so that I don’t have to add water to dilute them or add acid. 

GD: The vast majority of advertising for Rosé wines prominently feature women, do men like your Endless Crush Rosé equally?

KI: Yes, they do. It’s low dosage so it’s not sweet. We don’t see any gender bias!

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