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How California’s Wine Stories Are American Stories

Two winery stories mirror the national conversation and the American story

By Lana Bortolot
Forbes -- June 30, 2020

"One of California’s most compelling propositions is its ever-changing story and its ability to mirror so many true American stories—from Horatio Alger prototypes and American dreamers to invincible women who stood up against patriarchal systems or broke glass ceilings.

With our very current national conversation focused on women’s rights, social justice and immigration, here’s a look at two California wineries that exemplify America’s pioneering spirit, as the state’s wine industry bounces back after a long shut down.

Inman Family Wines, Russian River Valley (Sonoma). With titles that include grape grower, winemaker, general managers, sales and operations manager, accountant, and forklift driver, Kathleen Inman is the “Jill of all trades” at her 10.5-acre farm, the center of which is the Olivet Grange vineyard. Her trajectory into wine wasn’t a straight shot..."

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