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How to Support Your Favorite Wineries During the Pandemic

The short answer is: buy wine. Here is an extensive list of virtual tastings, promotions, and other ways you can help the wineries you love during this difficult time.

By Jonathan Cristaldi

April 03, 2020

Departures Magazine

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The wine business is a social industry. It's always been built on relationships between wineries, wine lovers, and all the places where people can buy and enjoy wine. That solid foundation is now in jeopardy in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The wine industry as a whole is bracing for the reality of continued uncertainty. From California to Oregon and Washington, east to Texas, Virginia, and New York, along with every state in America where wine is made, wineries are adapting as fast as they can. The best advice the industry is giving itself is: don’t panic; and to everyone else the message is: keep buying wine...

Here's an Extensive List of Promotions, Virtual Tastings, and More...

...Inman Family Wines (Sonoma): Offering “Meet the Winemaker” happy hour tastings; on purchases of special 3-bottle-packs 5% of all proceeds donated to Meals on Wheels.