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Zinfandel from PaperaCrush this year was the earliest start yet for Inman Family Wines and has been one of the most compressed on record. The fruit tasted and looked beautiful and the wines we have in the cellar are stellar. The newest acquisition in the cellar is a beautiful American-made basket press. New basket press

Our first official pick on August 12th was Pinot Noir for our Brut Rosé sparkling wine. Despite it being a drought year, due to the summer being relatively mild, little irrigation was necessary, resulting in an abundance of tight little pine cone clusters. As the first fermentation for the bubbles got underway, Kathleen was busy walking the vineyards groping and tasting grapes. On August 25th, we began picking pinot noir for the Endless Crush Rosé at 2 am. An early morning start insured that all the fruit for our biggest pick was crushed and de-stemmed before the heat of the day had a chance to oxidize berries and brown the pretty pink juice. Only a day to clean all the picking bins before we did it all over again on the 27th for the Pinot Gris. The following days were a blur with all three Pinot Noir vineyards (Olivet Grange Estate, Pratt Vine Hill and Sexton Road Ranch) and Chardonnay coming in before Labor Day. The earliest harvest ever for Inman Family!

Our biggest news is the new micro project - OneTonZin. Inman Family has begun to make one tone of zin from some of the state's finest Zinfandel vineayrds, but only one ton or about 50 cases. These exclusvie, delicious wines began in the 2013 vintage and the first, a Dry Creek Zinfandel will be out in winter 2014. In this 2014 vintage we have fruit from our neighboring Papera Ranch, planted in 1934. Based on the huge success of our Endless Crush Rosé, we have taken our expertise at pink wine to make a "White Zin" under the new OneTonZin label. This is not any White Zin, but one made form venerable vines planted in 1922. This is incredible juice!

This has been an intense few weeks, but many hands make for light work, and we’ve got a great crew, as the photos attest!