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Kathleen Inman
December 15, 2009 | Kathleen Inman

Visible Progress on the New Winery

As many of you know, over the summer we held out hope that our dream of having a winery and tasting room at Olivet Grange Inman Family Winery from Olivet Roadwould be realized before the end of 2009. This autumn, the date was pushed to January. Now, I have my fingers crossed that we will be open for the Russian River Wine Road Barrel Tasting weekends in March! Sadly, we have been plagued by delays, but we are now erecting the steel skeleton and in 8 weeks we should have a roof and walls! Once we get an occupancy permit, we will be inviting you to come by and visit. I have been posting images of the various stages on the facebook page as well as sending out a few tweets. I am much better at updating those than I am the blog, so please do follow our building’s progress there.

Our journey began in early 2008 when we applied for a use permit from the county. When that was granted, I foolishly thought the rest would be much more straightforward. Little did I know!

In March we put in the standard septic system leach lines for the domestic waste (toilets!). The goal was to get this done while the vines were dormant, but it was finished just as we had budbreak.

In April we signed the agreement with the General Contractor.

In May we began to install our process waste water recycling system and to bury the 16,000 worth of storage tank for the water.Waste water recycling at Olivet Grange The grading commenced shortly thereafter and they made ready for the foundation.

In August, just before harvest began, the architect finished (or so we thought) the construction drawings. I believe it was on 5 September we submitted the plans to the Sonoma County PRMD, however it was not until 3 December that we were able to pour the foundation. In between we were able to do the driveway, and just as the rains came the entire site became a quagmire.

Yesterday was a big day for us. The steel arrived. Now the height of the new building can be seen as we have the main column supports. The steel for this building is recycled and most of it comes from used automobiles.

Indeed, it has been difficult for me to understand how this whole process works. After smoothing, compacting, and adding Columns rising in the mist: future Inman Family Winerymore reclaimed hard core, they then come and dig a trench and tear it all up. Then after filling that trench in, more rock, more smoothing and then giant pieces of equipment come on site and now it looks like this!

I am soooo looking forward to the end result!

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