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Environmental Responsibility

Inman Family Wine's gray water is recycled in a bio-mass reactorPositive efforts in the vineyard and crush pad can easily be negated by irresponsible behavior in the rest of the business of running a successful winery. To ensure that we maintain environmental responsibility at all levels, we work every day to reduce our consumption and use environmentally sensitive products wherever possible.

While some "luxury" wine bottles are oversized and extremely heavy, we have worked with our glass suppliers to find the lightest possible high quality bottles. This choice reduces the amount of resources used to make the bottles, uses less actual material, and requires less fossil fuel to ship due to lower package weight. Most of our labels are made of recycled materials and water or soy-based inks. 100% recycled packing materials are used to protect bottles when shipped to our customers. This type of packaging material is 100% bio-degradable, unlike industry standard foam shippers. We recycle paper, glass and plastic from our office, warehouse and tasting room, and we print our letterhead, business cards, and point of sale materials on 100% post-consumer recycled paper with eco-friendly inks.

With the opening of our tasting room and winery building in the summer of 2010, we were able to fully realize our goals of environmental responsibility. The structure was designed with a focus on efficiency and sustainability, using recycled and upcycled materials which include structural steel made from recycled automobiles. All winery gray water is recycled in a bio-mass reactor and then stored in below ground tanks and used for frost protection in the vineyard. Roof-mounted solar panels produce electricity for everything in the building, including the forklift, and also power what was the first privately-owned public charging station for electric vehicles in Sonoma County!