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IBM Helps Turn Table Scraps into Compost

We use only organic fertilizer at the Olivet Grange, and the Four-Course Compost program leads the way. It is so named because it derives from table scraps discarded by high-end San Francisco restaurants and hotels such as Aqua, The Slanted Door, Boulevard, The Fairmount, Farallon, Hotel Nikko, Jardinière, Lulu, Sheraton Place, Tadich Grill, and the Westin St. Francis. More recently, the mandate for San Franciscans to separate food waste for compost has led to the inclusion of these scraps in the Four-Course Compost program. In addition to being a nutrient-rich alternative to synthetic fertilizers, our gourmet compost helps us form a perfect loop from table to earth and back again.

To lean more, watch the video below which talks about how IBM is helping in San Francisco’s effort to compost and recycle all waste, highlighting Inman Family Wines as an end consumer of the resulting compost.