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As Wineries Reopen for Tastings Expect Appointments, Pre-Poured Glasses, and Plenty of Sanitizer

By Dave McIntyre
Washington Post -- July 10, 2020

“...At Inman Family Wines in Sonoma County's Russian River Valley, precautions are quite elaborate. The winery reopened June 19, and is now open Thursday through Saturday, welcoming two groups or families at a time. "When they arrive, they are greeted by me, in mask, with a squirt of hand sanitizer for each guest," co-owner and winemaker Kathleen Inman says. "We take all their details down so we have a contact tracing record, and we ask them to verify they have no symptoms. They have to sign a waiver of responsibility." The winery's two restrooms are assigned, one to each group. Everything - tables, chairs, restrooms, glasses and dump buckets - must be sanitized immediately after each group leaves, according to county requirements.

"I have to question if (reopening) is worth it," Inman says, citing the health risk to herself and her new wine club manager, who has enabled her to expand to three days of tastings per week. She says she's been doing more online tastings for corporations looking to connect with clients and employees.”

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