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Wine, etc.: It's a Great Time to Love Wine

Capital Gazette
December 30, 2015
By Tom Marquardt and Patrick Darr

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There has never been a better time to be a wine enthusiast. While Baby Boomers like us grew up in a generation of cocktail and beer drinkers, today's generation prefers wine. And the wine industry has responded: never before do Americans have such an array of international wines at all prices from which to choose. You can buy a wine from Romania just as easily as a wine from California. More exposure — and reports that moderate consumption of alcohol is healthy — has spurred wine sales. For the first time, Americans in 2013 consumed more wine than the French. Not only is the country consuming more wine, but consumers are drinking it more regularly. A recent survey by Sonoma State University and the Wine Business Institute reported that 56 of wine enthusiasts consume wine daily. And their preferences? Half prefer chardonnay with merlot and white zinfandel close behind. The least preferred wine was syrah. So, with that backdrop, we offer to you a bunch of recommended wines we recently tasted:

Time for the bubbles

If you waited until now to find a sparkling wine to ring in the New Year, we're here for you. Here are a couple of recommendations:

• Inman Family Blanc de Noir OGV Estate 2012 ($68). Kathy Inman makes great California pinot noir from her Olivet Grange Vineyard, so it's not surprising that this brut rose is a knockout. The vineyard was picked twice: once for blanc de noir and a week later for brut rose. Two presses and three fermentations later, the wine went en tirage. It has three years of bottle aging on yeast, so the result is a pale hay tint with effusive apple notes.