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The 52 California Wineries You Need to Visit in 2018

San Francisco Chronicle
January 2018
By Esther Mobley

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So many wineries, so little time. Considering how many wineries populate the Bay Area and its surrounds (as in, thousands), figuring out where to go wine tasting on a weekend can feel nearly impossible. Instead of spending hours deliberating on where to go, why not pick a winery to visit for each week? We’ve compiled a list of 52 of our favorite wineries to visit — one for each week of 2018. Whether you want Pinot Noir or Cabernet, a casual walk-in spot or an in-depth educational experience, there’s something for everyone in the wine regions of Napa, Sonoma and the Santa Cruz Mountains. Use this list as a quick guide and your year’s bucket list. If you had a resolution to drink more wine this year, this will definitely be your guide.

Inman Family Wines: Inman is a place you’re likely to meet the winemaker. This is your opportunity to ask questions about sparkling wine production or organic farming. Try the silky Olivet Grange Estate Pinot Noir.