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Spring Chardonnay Recap

Aspen Daily News
May 24, 2016
By Drew Stofflet

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Since I don’t write about chardonnay very often, but I was recently inundated with golden-rich riptides of the Californian elixir, I can’t stop ruminating on it just yet.

Besides, it’s the offseason, so you’re probably in Mexico or crying in your beer because the lifts at Highlands finally stopped running for the season. Here are some more detailed tasting notes from my travels and what I have been drinking at home.

First off, the natural, “sensitive” farming methods of Kathleen Inman and her Inman Family Wines really comes across the palate as you taste through her chardonnay. Small, cool ferments release gentle bubbles and low alcohol levels; picking earlier than most allows core fruit flavors like lemon, pear and apple to really shine. Classic flavors give a subtle Burgundian influence, not as weighty or tropical as many Californian chards tend to be. The 2014 Inman Family Russian River Valley chardonnay is full of squeezed lemony citrus, Asian pear, curious baking spices and a bit of salty minerality, with a clean, almost porcelain-like structure, reminiscent of the legendary French wines of Meursault and Chablis. Dungeness crabs, steamed artichoke hearts, buttered sweet corn and roasted potatoes please.