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The Dozen - Summer Whiteout

By Roger Morris
Santé Magazine -- June 5, 2020 

"Call it body shaming for wines, if you will, but traditionally many white wines were just, well – very flabby! They did not have much structure or crisp finishes, lacked balancing acidity and did nothing to accentuate their minerality. On top of that, some were also sweet, which made the situation even less attractive.

Increasingly, winemakers got the message and, among other solutions, picked a little earlier and added acid in the winery if needed.

So what we have among The Dozen are some nice white wines for early summer drinking, along with a couple of sparklers and some enjoyable reds.

...2017 Inman Family Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ($68). Juicy cherries suitably restrained with savory notes and mild-tasting tannins.

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