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Winemaker Interview: Kathleen Inman

By Allison Levine
Please the Palate -- July 30, 2020

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape, but it is a grape that many winemakers love to work with. Kathleen Inman is one of these winemakers with a passion for Pinot Noir. Raised in Napa, Kathleen studied at UC Santa Barbara. Santa Barbara is where she first became intrigued by wine. She then spent 16 years living in England where she nurtured her love of gardening.

In 1999, Kathleen and her husband Simon returned to California and purchased the 10.5-acre Olivet Grange Vineyard in the Russian River Valley. Certified organic, Inman Family Wines specializes in Pinot Noir, including Rosé of Pinot Noir and sparkling wines made from Pinot Noir. Inman also produces Pinot Gris and Chardonnay. And Kathleen does it all. She is the grape grower, the winemaker, the salesperson, the accountant, and the forklift driver. And the resulting wines are delicate and elegant and pair beautifully with food.

What made you choose the region you are in to make wine?

Although I am from the Napa Valley...

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