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Pinot Noir Pairings
August 20, 2016

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Pinot Noir has a reputation as a wily grape that produces what may be the finest wines in the world, wines with an allure that is both sensual and sexual. The reputation is well-deserved. Here are 17 of my most recent pairing columns, along with a link to special blog post about one of my all-time favorite pinots.

As I say in my posting of links to a couple of dozen Sauvignon Blanc pairings and about a dozen Rosé pairings, any pairing of food and drink is a snapshot in time, influenced not only by the natural compatibility of the food and its accompanying beverage but also by the entire environment, including how you feel and who your companions are. A case can even be made for music having a profound impact on how a wine tastes. As always, use these links and descriptions for inspiration; you do not need to search out the specific wine, which may no longer be available anyway. (The links will take you to the full articles, where you’ll find descriptions of the wine,
the range of foods that it flatters, and a recipe.)

You can read my ode to pinot noir, Sex & a Single Grape here.

Inman Family Winery 2013 Russian River Valley OGV Estate Pinot Noir with Sausage, Rice & Bean Salad with Warm Bacon Vinaigrette