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“Meet the Maker” at Inman Family Wines Puts Personal Approach Back in the Bottle

By StoryStudio 

April 7, 2020 5:12 PM

San Francisco Chronicle 

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Have you noticed, in recent years, wine tastings have become increasingly impersonal experiences? Once a place of intimacy between winemaker and guest, as big conglomerates buy up their smaller competitors, it’s now a rarity to meet the winemaker, let alone the owner, when you’re trying their wines. You have questions, but the answers you get are canned and limited by the tasting associate’s hand-me-down knowledge.

That’s what makes Inman Family Wines’ “Meet the Maker” series so delightful. They’re hosted by Kathleen Inman, the winemaker and owner. At this Sonoma County winery, tastings are sit-down intimate experiences – and that is true even today, despite COVID-19 causing wineries to shutter their doors. While the winery is closed to the public and in-person tastings are on hold, Kathleen is putting the social in social distancing. One of the first winemakers in the valley to launch “Virtual Tastings,” these events have become so popular that Kathleen has scheduled 20 additional tastings over 10 days through April 25.