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Best Samples for 2020 – To Date

By Melanie Offenloch
Dallas Wine Chick -- JUNE 28, 2020

"Today’s sample column evaluates 69 of the 128 wines that I’ve tasted over the past five months. The Pandemic has definitely made sample tasting a much slower process as I’ve been unable to share with my usual neighborhood tasting group while the number of samples have multiplied, so I’m thankful for the patience of the wineries as I still have a closetful of vino to tackle.

I know this sounds like a first world wine problem, but I know the effort it takes to make these wines and I’ve always tried to be thoughtful about my approach to sampling the bottles that are sent my way.

...2018 Inman Family Endless Crush Rosé of Pinot Noir wine – I have always been a fan of this rosé and this vintage continues that love affair. It is complex, but bursting with fresh berries, citrus herbal notes and spice. This was a bottle that disappeared way too quickly and left us wanting more."

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