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You Could Do a Great Wine List With Only Women Winemakers

By Fredric Koeppel
Bigger Than Your Head -- July 8, 2020

The revival of the California wine industry in the 1970s saw the emergence of important women winemakers such as Dawnine Dyer, MaryAnn Graf and Zelma Long, but women did not become prominent fixtures until the 1990s and after. The winemaking business is still dominated by men, in every aspect. Still, many of my favorite wines are made by women, and it occurred to me that one could make a great restaurant wine list using only wines made by women. 

...Kathleen Inman, Inman Family Wines, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County. 
Chardonnay, Pinot gris, Pinot noir, Rosé and sparkling wine. Is there anything Kathleen Inman can’t do? Winemaker and general manager, she oversees every aspect of farming and production of her limited edition, estate-bottled wines. She also built the winery herself from salvaged materials. Total output is just under 4,000 cases annually. The wines reveal a deft, light, elegant touch and Inman’s passion for ecological ethics and varietal authenticity.

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