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7 California Rosés to Sip This Summer
May 24, 2016
By Bryce Wiatrak


Summer has arrived (for the most part), and with it comes the season’s favorite shade of wine: rosé.

In the past few years, Americans have approached rosé frenzy: premium rosé imports rose 53 percent in 2014 alone. But Provence isn’t the only place producing quality pink stuff. California rosé is the best it’s ever been, and many of the most successful examples are made with pinot noir. Catch the rosé wave this summer with any of our top seven picks.

Inman, “Endless Crush” Rosé 2014 (Russian River Valley, California), $25
For many winemakers, rosé is simply a byproduct of red wine production. But, Kathleen Inman doesn’t treat hers as a second-class citizen. The grapes for “Endless Crush” come from her organically farmed Olivet Grange Vineyard, which produces knockout pinot noir. Rich, juicy, and deeply gratifying, “Endless Crush” is one of California’s best summer sippers vintage after vintage.