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16 Rosé Wines to Pop Open for Mother's Day or Spring or Anytime

Chicago Tribune
May 4, 2017
By Michael Austin

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It seems almost unfair to rosé to start thinking about it, and talking about it, and looking for it when spring comes around, or even more specifically, as Mother's Day approaches. Then again, how many of us think about turkey and stuffing outside of November? Or corned beef and cabbage outside of March? No one is stopping you from planning those meals on any day of the year, calendar be damned. Yet you don't. At least most of you don't.

Did my college roommates and I cook up an entire traditional Thanksgiving dinner one spring semester? Sure we did. But we were young, and mentally energetic, and empowered by the awesome possibility that lay before us. And sick of instant ramen.

That full feast, even just the thought of it before we went shopping for the ingredients, brought about a wave of hope and anticipation that I can still recall. That's the kind of power spring has. A golden-brown, 20-pound turkey has a similar power, yes, but I think there's more power in this season — the birth or reawakening of so many living things around us.

Pink fits this time of year perfectly — pink and green. (Thing is, I generally try to avoid drinking anything that is green.) I encourage people to drink rosé all year long, to not confine their consumption only to spring and summer. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with getting your rosé run started when the Northern Hemisphere blinks itself awake in the spring. Gotta start somewhere. The longest journey begins with a single sip.

With lower amounts of alcohol and tannin, high acidity and loads of bright fruit, it is hard to go wrong with a few bottles of nice rosé on hand. If the mothers in your life have eyes for aesthetics, they will also appreciate the beauty that rosé brings to your table. They're not all dusty pink and blushing, as you know; some of them are closer to candy apple red.

But they are all fun. Even the serious ones are fun — like a dentist who dresses up in a costume on Halloween. Say, there is another thing you don't think of doing throughout the year. But think about how much fun you have when you actually do sport that get-up of yours and show up at a party full of ghouls, nurses and visual puns. There's your excuse to plan a non-Halloween costume party in the middle of summer (or winter). And you might as well stock the bar with some pink wine while you're at it.

But first things first. Pick up a few bottles of rosé, give them a nice chill and celebrate your mother May 14. Do it with a toast, if that's the kind of person you are, or just show up and be the respectful, thoughtful person she taught you to be.

Below are notes from a recent tasting of rosés from around the world. They are listed in ascending order according to price.

2016 Inman Family Endless Crush Rosé of Pinot Noir. With floral and herbal notes, plus strawberry, watermelon and anise, this Russian River Valley beauty was as mouth-watering as it was refreshing. $35